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Martha Perez

Weight Loss  Stories Martha

Weight Loss  Stories Martha


“I have always attempted to stay in shape and workout in a gym, but I could not for the life of me take charge of my health and well-being on my own.

Due to life changes, my confidence was shaky and my body showed it.  The difference in X5 experience began to form immediately, with the first email from Vishy.  His welcome felt warm, personal because Vishy is very open, approachable and something about him radiates TLC- tender loving care. 

When I started in January 2011, there was nothing easy about camp. My body had a hard time keeping up; my mind wanted out, and my nutrition was being challenged.  Vishy’s approach cuts to the core of the problem and at times it bothered me. These were the times when I wanted to throw in the towel.

I am so happy I stuck it out. Today I am the happiest I have ever been in my life!

As my time at X5 progressed, I saw more changes beyond the physical.  Vishy’s style of training is very individualized, personal. I have not only lost physical weight, but also emotional baggage that was diminishing my quality of life.

I am healthier, stronger and still a work in progress.  I have met loving, caring people at camp, and I enjoy the X5 experience because it is unique and unlike any other fitness place around.”


- Martha Perez – San Diego, CA


Jennifer Snodgrass

Fitness Stories Jennifer

 “During the past 20 months X5 has become a vital part of my life. I begin with the physical improvements that are only the tip of the iceberg!

 I came to X5 with a knee and a shoulder injury. I could only squat down for a few inches because of the knee injury, and I could only raise my hand to my chest level because of the shoulder injury.  My body was cold, and I couldn’t get it warmed up because of low muscle mass and inefficient metabolism.

Fast-forward to now. I can do full kettlebell squats, TRX single leg squats, kettlebell shoulder press, and hundreds of other things effortlessly.  I break a sweat within few minutes. I am hot! I like how my arms, legs, abs and derriere look.

 I have overcome a lot because of my participation at X5. I have been re-introduced to the fire within me.  The increased awareness enhances my life in every way outside the camp. The goal-setting process has helped me to successfully attain multiple goals. The careful planning helps me with continuous improvement.

The best part o f belonging to X5 is establishing relationships with others who value the same things that I do. They are encouraging and supportive. We share tips and resources to help us all grow and improve. We sweat together, walk together, and celebrate together. They have made my world a better place.

I would like YOU to call Vishy for a consultation see what X5 might have to offer to you.  Your life may never be the same.”

- Jennifer Snodgrass , San Diego, CA











If you´re looking for a way to:

Have a top-down approach to change that begins with your core beliefs instead of an inverted approach that begins with the body.

Recognize that you in your true form are not fat or thin and your abilities to change flow from your understanding of yourself.

Realize that body transformation is just that – transformation of your body. It cannot happen if you hold on to a negative self-image.

Understand that as long as you identify with your appearance, you look for external validation, which fail you.

Know that fear and negative self-talk need to be replaced with an open heart filled with love as your foundation.

Understand why most people, including celebrities with unlimited funds fail in body transformation because they do not follow a holistic approach.

Learn simple meditation techniques that can help you relax within minutes so that you don’t pump stress hormones into your body.

Learn advanced goal-setting techniques that can help you experience results.

Regain your self-confidence and stop shying away from the opportunities life offers.

Discover the truth behind what makes 1 out of every 3 Americans obese and what you can do to become thin.

Learn how nutrition can help you protect yourself and your family against devastating diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Understand what causes reactive eating and emotional eating and what you can do to change it.

Learn about foods that boost your metabolism so that you burn fat even when you sleep.

Avoid the ineffective aerobic exercise myth that waists your time.

Experience metabolism boosting exercises that burn fat for hours after you stop exercising.

 Learn about the exercise techniques that lift up the glutes, get you jiggle free arms and flat abs.

Learn basic exercises to help you protect your knee, shoulder and low back pain. To perform fat burning exercises you need to protect and strengthen these joints.

Experience contentment, health, energy and strength. Experience a holistic fitness.

Then, X5 Fitness Camp  is exactly what you´ve been looking for. However,  if you are looking for quick fixes that have failed you before, then this is not for you.

Peggy Keating

Fitness Stories Peggy

Fitness Stories Peggy -BeforeFitness Stories Peggy -After

My journey for the past 1½ year at X5 is unlike any other X5 members. 

 I was strong on the workout  floor, had lost weight and was making positive changes. And Vishy asked me to step away from X5 and re-evaluate what I wanted.

 “What?!  You are kicking me out? I pay you to train me! What do you mean I am using my emotions as a crutch?”  Vishy could be pretty uncompromising.

Well, I stepped away from X5. I went to gym after gym looking for another “place to work out.”  I tried complementary visits, looked for the latest Groupon, but felt completely lost and unexcited about what was out there.  Nothing compared to X5 training. The personal touch, the human principles, true accountability for actions and the focus on transforming power of unconditional love were missing.

I knew I needed to return to X5, and I knew that I had to let go of something deep that was holding me back.  I did both and returned to a surprise party held for me honoring my achievement. 

Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for this gift. I have recommitted to everything that moves me toward becoming the best I can be. Vishy’s  love and true commitment to his clients are unique and special.

At 55 years old I feel better than I have in decades and my 4 young adult sons say I am stronger than any of them!   X5 is a special place…join us, and you will be challenged and loved in ways you cannot imagine!  

-Peggy Keating, San Diego, CA





Lori Croston

The past 13 months have been nothing short of life-changing for me.

San Diego Weight Loss Story - Lori

 For 14 years, I tried to lose weight, and didn’t get anywhere. You see, it wasn’t just a weight issue.  Through Vishy and X5 Fitness Camp, I have realized that fear, excuses and guilt were making my physical health suffer. 

This past year, for me, has been an amazing journey where I’ve lost 40 pounds of physical weight and have learned not to let my emotions control my life. 

One of the greatest lessons I have learned from Vishy, through X-5, is how to detach myself from life’s circumstances, and the roller coaster that emotions can bring. I still feel emotions, but don’t let them control me.  This has been one of my greatest challenges as well as one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. 

Once upon a time I hated my body.  Feeling that way, I couldn’t take care of it the right way. I now know how amazing my body is, but I also realize that it is just my body and it does not define me. Numbers on the scale no longer define my worth.  I have come so far and am excited to see what I am can do next.  Love has replaced fear and guilt. When you love yourself so many doors open.

Life becomes a beautiful adventure.  When your actions, thoughts and emotions line up in love for yourself and those around you, it will change your life.  Join me in X-5, and take the crucial first steps towards the future you deserve.”  


- Lori Croston, San Diego, CA






Anousheh Motamedi

San Diego Weight Loss 

Anousheh Lost 70 Pounds

“I have had trouble losing weight for years and tried so many different work outs and diets. Nothing worked for me till I started to work with Vishy. He is not only an amazing trainer, but also a great teacher who helps you understand and learn how to eat and exercise right. I really enjoy his classes from my experiences in the past. He is very professional and serious but at the same time has a sense of humor who makes him and his training sessions different than anyone else. If you want to look good and feel better I highly recommend Vishy at X5FitnessCamp.”

     _ Anousheh Motamedi. – Poway, CA



The X5 steps I teach are fundamental transformation techniques – they work if you´re a stay at home mom, or a busy executive,  if you have never worked out,  or you have worked out every day of your life,  if you have the genes for it or you don’t think you have the genes for it, if you have failed at everything before, or if you have limited mobility due to injuries. JUST AS LONG AS YOU WORK TO KNOW YOURSELF AND LET THE BODY TRANSFORMATION OCCUR FROM AWARENESS.  If you´re not interested in a holistic approach, then this isn´t for you.


Poway Bootcamp

 Weight Loss Stories Anousheh 1

Awareness – First X5 Principle

Recognizing self-made barriers and taking steps in removing them is part of expansion of awareness. Fear, guilt, self-doubt, inaccurate nutrition information and ineffective exercise programs are just few of these self-made barriers. And there is a way for you to remove them. This way is unique to you, and you need to take active steps to find it. Removing self-made barriers are never easy. However the rewards are beyond description.

  Weight Loss Stories

Weight Loss Stories Anousheh 2

Mistaken beliefs along with limited and often negative self-image hold you back and keep many of your amazing abilities hidden and dormant. Expansion of awareness helps you replace fear, impatience, agitation and low self-esteem with love, compassion, calmness and confidence.

Expansion of awareness helps you replace addictive, disease-causing and fattening foods with satisfying, health-promoting nutrition plans. You come to understand that food is hardwired into your genetic code, and many economic and political forces take advantage of this and influence your decision-making.

  Weight Loss Stories

Weight Loss Stories Anousheh 3

Expansion of awareness helps you replace in-effective, time-consuming and imbalanced exercises with effective, efficient and balanced exercises. You’ll begin to understand the difference between exercises that work for an hour and exercises that boost your metabolism for days and weeks.

 Weight Loss Stories

Weight Loss  Stories Anousheh 4

Expansion of awareness allows you to recognize how past experiences fix your attention on the same event and force you to repeat it in your mind. This mental repetition enforces a self-image in your mind of your identity, and your capabilities based on the events you run in your head.

Your behavior and your body composition reflect your self-image. External activities such as diet and exercise without expansion in your awareness will take you only so far before you snap back to your long-established self-image.

Your experiences are reflections of your degree of awareness.

Yesterday, at the camp, Jennifer teased Anousheh by asking her, “Where is the rest of you? Do you even remember how it was?” Anousheh responded, “Honestly; I don’t remember, my clients no longer remember and thank God; my husband doesn’t even remember.”

When you no longer even remember about your struggles with weight loss, you are at a new state and never again have to worry about weight loss.

X5 fitness camp participation includes on camp and off camp training.  The on camp training begins with an orientation and movement analysis session to go over the basic movement analysis exercises. These are the exercises to help you find any muscle imbalances you may have and become aware of how to fix them. Each exercise shows you specific weakness in left and right part of your body and any instability in core, shoulders, knees or lower back. In fact, in 30 minutes, you’ll  EXACTLY where the problems (or problems) are with your  body and  what you need to do to start burning calories and getting rid of fat.

Here´s a sampling of what else you´ll get at the camp and off the camp:

 The biggest mistake people make when trying to achieve goals (don´t understand this, and you would fail more often than you succeed).

The common myth  people follow when trying to burn belly fat (follow this, and you could be struggling with fat loss and hurt your lower back too).

The one thing you should do before you do ANYTHING else with your goals (in fact, without this, you can´t even start a decent fitness plan or strategy for yourself).

Is your nutrition plan making you sick? You´ll discover the secrets of the difference between being thin and sick and fit and healthy.

 The one element on your diet that you need to have right – this is the element is number one contributing factor to your weight gain, water retention, allergies and worse. Keep having this in your diet and chances of fat loss is reduced drastically. Remove this from your diet and your weight comes off fast.

One simple exercise strategy that will be the difference from you just struggling with your aerobic capacity and weight loss to having the heart of an athlete.

Weight-loss plan plateaued or not working? If you´re like the vast majority of those struggling with weight loss, you´ve probably made (or our considering making) this VERY costly mistake.

An easy and effective way to relax (so that the stress and fat hormones don’t kick in.)


Alicia F.

Weight Loss Stories Alicia - BeforeWeight Loss Stories Alicia - After 

“A very special trainer and program!

I have been participating in the camp since late February and it has changed my life.  I have never stuck with an exercise program before this one. Vishy is an excellent trainer, he teaches you proper form to get the most out of each exercise and to avoid injuries.  We work on mind and body to get balance in your life.  I have gone down 2 (almost 3) sizes.  Vishy switches things up so there are no boring routines, each day is a surprise and a gift!”

- Alicia F.


The X5 Fitness Camp isn´t about theory or advice from people who don’t know the interaction between your thoughts, your emotions, your nutrition, your physical body and your transformation goal.  It´s about a holistic, no-nonsense, fact based,  tried-and-tested principles AND an actual  plan with specific action steps to help you transform your body and develop the mental, emotional and physical habits to expand your success in larger parts of your life.

Are you ready for real change?






Vishy Dadsetan

Dedicated to your transformation,

Vishy Dadsetan

P.S. How long are you going to put up with diets don’t work? You won´t find a better system to transform your body into a fit, energetic fat-burning machine! Classes are limited, call me for consultation now.

P.P.S. Remember, just like Anousheh,  in a few months, you can forget all your past struggles with weight loss.  Life is too short to waste on weight loss. Learn how to lose the weight and get on with your life.